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Providing Rosemary Brushes, Hughes Easels, Studio Taborets,  EasyL Pochade Boxes and the best linen and canvas boards available. We cater to the artist who wants the best.




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Welcome to Wind River Arts

It is our pleasure to present you with highest quality art  products.  Each of the items available on our website is crafted by the finest artisans.

We offer several high quality linens (oil, alkyd, acrylic and lead primed) mounted on Gatorboard or Birch surfaces making the best art panels available.    We have the technically advanced Hughes Studio Easels, custom built Studio Taborets, EasyL pochade boxes,  portable palettes, Rosemary & Company handmade brushes and other accessories.   We sell the best art products available.

Rosemary & Company Brushes

We carry these wonderful  finest quality handmade artist's brushes.

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Multimedia Boards

Great for travel !!  Light weight and thin!

Multimedia panels with 3 different linen surfaces. 
Check out these lightweight and 1/32" thick panels.

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Hughes Easels

Call Mary for more information 972-342-4947.

American Portrait Society calls the Hughes Easels  
“The Easel of Choice for Serious Amateur or Professional Use.”

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Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

Now available directly from Wind River Arts is Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting which is one of the most recommended guides to landscape painting today.

$12.95 plus shipping

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