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Portable Palettes

   Need more mixing room?


Picture 001.jpg (55154 bytes)Many artists like having a large area to mix their paint, so we have built a portable palette that fits on the french easel.  This gives you ample room to layout your paints and still have a large mixing area.


Picture 004.jpg (116032 bytes)The palette slides into place and provides a very stable surface.  There are indentions on the back ridge to keep your brushes.  It is large and stable enough to set your brush cleaning can on the back of the palette.  


The palette comes in a carry case that allows you just slide the palette back into the case when you are finished painting.  There is ample space to leave your paints right on the palette.

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The case is rigid enough to store your french easel on top of the case when you place it back in your vehicle.

The palette size is 27 3/8" X19" and the case is 28" X 20".

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The case has the brackets for a strap (optional)  that makes it easy for the artist to carry to the painting location.

If you have any questions regarding the palette, please give us a call.

Picture 005.jpg (81152 bytes)Many  french style easels are different in the width of the hinges, so the distance between the bracket/hinges  is needed when ordered.  Please measure the bracket outside to outside.

The palette for the french style easel is $145 plus shipping.  Shoulder strap is  not included.


Large Portable Palette

Mounts to a tripod.


Some artists have limited space in their studio or painting area but want a larger palette to work from.  Therefore, we offer the large portable palette.  This palette mounts on a tripod, gives you a large mixing area, with the convenience of easy storage when not in use.  It is built like the portable palette except rather that fitting on a Julian style easel it mounts to a tripod.

The size of the tripod palette is 37 3/8" X 21" and the carrying case is 38" X 22".

The palette for your tripod is $185 plus shipping.  Shoulder strap is not included.


Prices subject to change without notice.