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Providing Rosemary Brushes, Hughes Easels, Studio Taborets,  EasyL Pochade Boxes and the best linen and canvas boards available. We cater to the artist who wants the best.




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About Chuck and Mary Rawle

Chuck and I left the corporate world in 1998 so that Chuck could pursue a career as an artist.   We sold our home in the Dallas Area, bought an RV and we traveled around the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Our travel destination was dependent on where Chuck wanted to paint and he paints almost every day.

While watching Chuck struggling to find the right art supplies and the best equipment, I began asking about how to find the right equipment.  Being around many artists, I saw they were all having the same problems, finding good supplies and equipment.  This frustration seemed to hit all levels of artists from the very experienced to the person that only paints once in awhile.

After listening to the many, many discussions of what is best and where to find it, watching the art instructors answer the same questions over and over, I thought I would try to find the best products and bring them together in one location.  That location is Wind River Arts.

We want Wind River Arts to be a location the artist can go to and find the best equipment and products.  The best linens with a variety of primings mounted on the surfaces that meets the needs of the artist, the finest taborets, the most fantastic easels, and other items that are hard to find. 

Although we now have a home in Richmond, TX we still travel several months of the year with Chuck painting and teaching.  We truly enjoy seeing and  working with our artists friends and customers.

Chuck and I want you to enjoy the site, visit often, and if you have any questions to please contact us directly.

                                                      Mary & Chuck Rawle