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Providing Rosemary Brushes, Hughes Easels, Studio Taborets,  EasyL Pochade Boxes and the best linen and canvas boards available. We cater to the artist who wants the best.




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ST-595 Side Tray

Useful sidetray to hold your brushes, knives or other art supplies. It's easily adaptable to all EASyL models and most French easels. The side tray is made of stainless steel with a beautiful gold color finish.

bullet5 x 9 1/2 x 1 inch in size
bulletstainless steel with gold color finish

Price $ 32.00

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UB-144     Utility`/ Stone Bag

This is the larger utility bag for mounting on a tripod than any other stone bags you can find. It not only helps the tripod sturdy during windy conditions but also provides ample storage space for your supplies.

Size: 14" to each end, 4 inches deep.

Price: $16.98

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PS-075      3/4" Panel Support Plate

                  Wide support plate for stretch canvas.
                  For used on VERSA or PRO.
                  Made of solid brass 

Price: $17.00

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BW-1010 Oz Brush Washer

Made of stainless steel to guarantee rust-free. Airtight seal in the detachable lid with two snap locks for leak-proof. It comes with a deep removable straining device and a carrying handle.

Dimensions: 2-3/4" dia. x 3-5/8" height

Price $ 19.99

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BW-2020 Oz Brush Washer

Large size for studio or outdoor use.

Made of stainless steel to guarantee rust-free. Airtight seal in the detachable lid with two snap locks for leak-proof. It comes with a deep removable straining device and a carrying handle.

Dimensions: 3-7/8" dia. x 4-3/4" height

Price $29.99

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Palette Cups

High quality rust-proof palette cups

PC-01 1 Oz Palette Cup

Price:  $4.48

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Double Palette Cup

High quality rust-proof double palette cup

DPC-02 2 x 1 Oz Double Palette Cup

Price $ 6.98

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BH-06     Additional Brush Holder. 6"

                Made of stainless steel with gold color finish

Price: $25.00  

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AW-48     Foldable Plastic Container

Collapsible Watercolor Container with hanger.

Size: 6" Dia. x 4-1/2" H (expanded)

Price $ 3.99

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Arm Palette 20" x 26"

Made of the best Walnut with lacquered finished on both sides.

AP-2026L (Right handed, to be held by left hand)

Price : $21.98

AP-2026R   (Left handed, to be held by right hand)

Price: $21.98

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View Finder

A large view finder size 6" x 8" with color isolator to help the decision of the value and color. It comes with a marker pen with eraser helps the artist to render a good composition for plein air painting.

This larger size of View Finder servers with three functions:

1) View Finder with two systems of grids, one third rule (darker set of lines), and golden mean (lighter set of lines).

2) Color Isolator.

3) A marker with eraser for rendering the view on the view finder, and see through it to continue to render the composition to the canvas.

(including a VF-68G View Finder and a marker pen with eraser)

Price: $9.99/set + $5 flat S & H charge.

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VF-43    View Finder. Size: 4" x 3 1/4"

The black view finder is made of  Plexiglas with black screen printing.

Price: $4.48 

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VC-1521    Value Comp  Size: 6" x 8"

ValueComp is designed for comparing value scales through a value scale filter. The gray-scale values are printed on both sides.

Price: $7.99 plus $1.00  S&H

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PE-1012 Palette Extension Board 10"x12"

Expand your working area with this universal palette extension board

bulletEasy-to-use. Can be mounted on all EASyL easels, any pochade box, or French easel.
bulletLarge size: Approx. 10"x12" provides ample space for color mixing or area for paints, brushes or palette cups.
bulletMade from beech wood, one of the hardest wood, ideal for palette to mix directly on the surface.
bulletSix brush holes sizes to hold from #2 to #12.
bulletCarefully designed edge rim to prevent supplies from falling off when easel is tilted.
bulletCan be stored inside the EASyL easel box (all models) at end of painting.

Price : $25.00

Two thumbscrews to secure the board when mounting on the easel.

The bottom side of the palette extension board has an opening adaptable to the side edge of the easel box. The thickness of the edge on the easel box can be 1/2" or less.