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 Plein Air Umbrella Kit      UMK-45

New improved umbrella kit.  A larger plein air umbrella is available now. With a 45" diameter umbrella, weighing about 2.5 pounds and consisting of three simple parts with total folded length of 26" to carry in the luggage, this new umbrella kit is perfect for artists on the go, for French easel, Soltek and pochade with tripod easel setup. Unlike most plein air umbrellas, the EASyL umbrella can be clamped to an artist's tripod to prevent damage to the easel and its height is adjustable and can accommodate even the tallest artist. It has a silver coating on the outside that provides protection against the sun's harmful UV rays, and the black interior helps to remove reflective or excessive light.


Umbrella Kit



bullet  Silver UV protection outside coating reduces heat from sunlight. Black inside surface removes reflected light.
bullet  Large ventilation openings to counteract wind drag.
bullet  Umbrella diameter: 45 inches (cross). 48" (arc). The overall length is 26" when folded.
bullet  Service height of up to 107 inches suits the tallest artist.
bullet  Universal ball joint ensures easy umbrella direction adjustment.
bullet  Rubber padded C clamp can be mounted to any tripod leg, French easel leg, or Soltek easel leg.
bullet  Strong fiberglass umbrella frame gives maximum product life.
bullet  Large Nylon carry bag carries entire kit.
bullet  Lightweight design - Apr. 2.5 lbs.

       Price : $109.99  

This is a new, innovative and revolutionary umbrella kit with a total weight of  2.5 lbs.  Like other EASyL products it sets another new standard for quality plein air art equipment. The kit consists of three parts:

    1.  Strong C clamp with universal joint.

    2. A 52" telescopic tube.

    3. Large 45" double canopy ventilated UV protection umbrella.

Unlike conventional umbrellas, the EASyL umbrella is clamped to the tripod leg to prevent easel damage. The C clamp can attach to any round tripod leg, or the square leg of a French easel. The V shape rubber pads ensure stability even on the most windy day. (The conventional umbrella clamp is made of flimsy plastic, originally made for beach umbrella not for artist umbrella; and with a gooseneck which is prone to break after several uses; this type of umbrella clamped on the easel will wear out itself, or even damages the easel ).

The all metal universal ball joint is another innovative design, enabling the artist to adjust the umbrella to any desired position effortlessly and conveniently.

To set up the whole kit, the C clamp is attached to one of the tripod leg, the telescopic tube is mounted to the support on the universal joint, and the umbrella pole is inserted to the telescopic tube. A bungee cord is attached to the umbrella and a fix position on the setup.

The fully extended telescopic tube enables an umbrella height of up to 107" from the ground, good for even the tallest artist.

The adjusting of the umbrella will be determined by the artist's height, the sunlight condition, and the easel tripod height. Artists will soon find the most suitable position for their own personal requirements.

The umbrella is made with a silver outside coating for UV protection and a black, anti-reflective interior. The silver coating reflects the sunlight, significantly reducing heat, and the black interior surface will remove reflective light, enabling the artist to paint with uniform, natural lighting. The diameter of the umbrella is 45 inches, perfectly covering the artist and painting. ( Too big a diameter will draw a strong force from the wind and can cause the easel setup flipped over under a strong gust of wind ). There are eight ventilation openings on the top of the umbrella designed to reduce wind drag. The umbrella frame is made of fiberglass providing absolute strength with minimum weight.

Carry Bag
The folded umbrella, along with the telescopic tube, is stored in the supplied nylon carry bag. The carry bag has been designed to also carry a pochade tripod. The outer pocket will store the C Clamp and universal joint. The overall length when folded is only 26".
The EASyL umbrella has a double canopy vented system consists of an upper canopy on top of a frames unit, and a lower canopy as umbrella main cover. It ensures a fix and large ventilation gap between the upper and lower canopies.  This way the vented gaps remain open constantly
The umbrella pole is inserted into the extendable telescopic tube without using a locking device. This is important as it ensures that even in the event of a strong wind gust the umbrella will not cause the easel to blow over. The umbrella is secured by a supplied bungee cord attached to the quick snap lock on the telescopic tube. This ensures easy umbrella retrieval without danger to the easel.
The picture on left shows the bungee cord is attached to the quick snap lock on the telescopic tube.
We do not suggest using an umbrella in winds exceeding 20 mph.


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TRIPOD                Heavy Duty Professional Tripod  TP-6668

A heavy duty but lightweight professional tripod designed for plein air pochade boxes.

Supports any pochade box which has a standard 1/4" threaded hole at the bottom.  Two quick release plates (one as spare) helps mounting/dismounting pochade box quickly and easily.

Long handle to tilt and lock tripod head instantly.  Bubble level and compass help install tripod in a correct position.

High quality Nylon carrying bag protect tripod when not in use.

Our tripod has been carefully designed for Pochade boxes using in Plein Air painting. We eliminated functions not needed for painting so as to enhance the stability and reliability, mostly reduces weight.
bulletMax Height : 55-9/16"
bulletMin Height : 17"
bulletFolded Length : 23-1/4"
bulletNet Weight : 3 lb 13 Oz

Two quick-release plates.
A carrying bag,
Hex key tools,
User's instruction.

Price : $159 + S & H

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Lightweight and sturdy, these wet panel carriers can carry up to 20 pcs of 3/16"Gatorboard or 1/8" or 1/4" thick panel in various sizes using a uniquely designed adjustable divider. ezPORT is manufactured from imported wood that provides strength but is very light in weight.

Price $69.00 for the 10" X 12"
Price $99.00 for the 12" X 16" Currently Out of Stock

Click here for more specifications

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ST-595 Side Tray

Useful sidetray to hold your brushes, knives or other art supplies. It's easily adaptable to all EASyL models and most French easels. The sidetray is made of stainless steel with a beautiful gold color finish.

bullet5 x 9 1/2 x 1 inch in size
bulletstainless steel with gold color finish

Price $ 35.00

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FB-0712 Foldable Paper Towel Basket

 A reusable environment friendly product. No more plastic bags ! Bring the foldable basket, collect the used paper towels, dump the towels to nearby trash bin, fold it, and re-use it over again.

Size: 7" x 12"
Color Black

Price $12.99 + $3.00 flat S&H charge.

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PR-42 Wet Panel Drying Rack

A pair of slotted racks for drying your wet panels in the hotel room while attending a workshop. Made of beautiful beech wood. It takes 8 panels up to 16 panels (back to back).

Price: $14.99


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BW-614   Brush Wallet

A soft padded nylon wallet to protect your paint brushes.  It carries 8 brushes from #1 to #12 of max. 13.5" in length. (brushes are not included)

Inner pocket for storing view finder.

Price $16.99

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UB-144     Utility`/ Stone Bag

This is the larger utility bag for mounting on a tripod than any other stone bags you can find. It not only helps the tripod sturdy during windy conditions but also provides ample storage space for your supplies.

Size: 14" to each end, 4 inches deep.

Price: $16.98

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BW-1010 Oz Brush Washer

Made of stainless steel to guarantee rust-free. Airtight seal in the detachable lid with two snap locks for leak-proof. It comes with a deep removable straining device and a carrying handle.

Dimensions: 2-3/4" dia. x 3-5/8" height

Price $ 19.99

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BW-2320 Oz Brush Washer

Large size for studio or outdoor use.

Made of stainless steel to guarantee rust-free. Airtight seal in the detachable lid with three snap locks for leak-proof. It comes with a deep removable straining device and a carrying handle.

Dimensions: 3-7/8" dia. x 4-3/4" height

Price $29.99     Currently out of stock

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Palette Cups

High quality rust-proof palette cups

PC-01 1 Oz Palette Cup


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Double Palette Cup

High quality rust-proof double palette cup

DPC-02 2 x 1 Oz Double Palette Cup

Price $ 9.99 

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BH-06     Brush Holder. 6"

Made of stainless steel with gold color finish

Price: $25.00


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Arm Palette
20" x 26"

Made of the best Walnut with lacquered finished on both sides.

AP-2026L (Right handed, to be held by left hand)

Price : $21.98

AP-2026R   (Left handed, to be held by right hand)

Price: $21.98


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    View Finder. Size: 4" x 3 1/4"

The black view finder is made of plexiglass with black screen printing.

Price: $5.49

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View Finder
VF-68GM View Finder. Size: 6" x 8"

A large view finder size 6" x 8" with color isolator to help the decision of the value and color. It comes with a marker pen with eraser helps the artist to render a good composition for plein air painting.

This larger size of View Finder serves with three functions:

1) View Finder with two systems of grids, one third rule (darker set of lines), and golden mean (lighter set of lines).

2) Color Isolator.

3) A marker with eraser for rendering the view on the view finder, and see through it to continue to render the composition to the canvas.

Click here for more information on View finder.

Price 13.99   +

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 VC-1521    ValueComp  Size: 5-3/4" x 8-1/2"

ValueComp is designed for comparing value scales through a value scale filter. The gray-scale values are printed on both sides.

Price: $7.99 

  Click here for more information

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PS-075C      3/4" Panel Support Plate

   Wide support plate for stretch canvas.
   For used on Versa, Pro, Lite or Classic.
(Thumbscrews shown in the picture are in front of the lid)

If you are ordering this item for use with one of the boxes mentioned above, please select this one.

Price: $19.00

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PS-075      3/4" Panel Support Plate

                  Wide support plate for stretch canvas.
                  For used on Versa,  Pro or Lite.

Price: $19.00

If you own a EASyL box in which the narrow panel support plate is adjusted from the rear of the lid (thumbscrews are at the rear of the lid), please select this item.

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PE-1012 Palette Extension Board 10"x12"

Expand your working area with this universal palette extension board

bulletEasy-to-use. Can be mounted on all EASyL easels, any pochade box, or French easel.
bulletLarge size: Approx. 10"x12" provides ample space for color mixing or area for paints, brushes or palette cups.
bulletMade from beech wood, one of the hardest wood, ideal for palette to mix directly on the surface.
bulletSix brush holes sizes to hold from #2 to #12.
bulletCarefully designed edge rim to prevent supplies from falling off when easel is tilted.
bulletCan be stored inside the EASyL easel box (all models) at end of painting.

Price : $27.00

Two thumbscrews to secure the board when mounting on the easel.

The bottom side of the palette extension board has an opening adaptable to the side edge of the easel box. The thickness of the edge on the easel box can be 1/2" or less.

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H-101 A pair of solid brass hooks.

Hooks for hanging brush washer or water container. Made of solid brass.

Sold in a pair.

Price: $9.99 / pair

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brush cleaner.jpg (149208 bytes) Brush Cleaner Tray

Stainless Steel Metal Construction

Removable Metal Screen For Easy Clean Out

(14" Long X 4 5/16" Wide  X 3 1/2" Depth)


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A convenient way of transporting your valuable wet panels in a compact, lightweitght, durable frame. A new equipment EASyL offers to artists travel in style and quality.

The ezPak can carry two wet panels face to face up to 1/4" in thickness.

Made of superior quality Birch (A furniture grade hardwood normally growth in North America or Australia), each has been professionally designed, crafted and finished with extreme quality control, clear electrostatic lacquer finish to help protection of the wood grain and give a sheen finish as well as to help the wood stands against severe weather change from warping.

In order to reinforce the construction, a 7/8 inch biscuit joiner has been inserted in each of the four corners.

On each side, a panel can be secured in place by a set of clips, total four (or more) clips on each side. They are flush mounted in order to conveniently stack ezPaks on top of each other.

Wood Spacer of 1/4 inches

Each ezPak carries two same size panels (some can carry even two different sizes at a time); and is designed with a panel spacer of 7mm (slightly over 1/4 inch), extremely important when you have thick paints done, the spacer will avoid the fresh paints in your work jump over to the other wet panel, jamming each other or destroy your thick brush strokes


ezPak A ezPak B ezPak C ezPak D

 6 x 8
8 x 10
10 x 12 (or 9 x 12)
9 x 12
11 x 14
9 x 12
12 x 16
10 x 10 (or 8 x 10)
12 x 12 (or 6 x 12; 9 x 12; 10 x 12)
$46.00 /pk $35.00 /pk $37.00 /pk $34.00 /pk