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Versa Pochade Box




Designed for artist painting with Oil, Watercolor, Pastels.

Size: 12"x16"

1 - Versa easel / palette combination box.
1 - Brush holder
2 - Hooks .
1 - Professional tripod comes with carry bag.
Wet panel carrying up to 2-4 pcs of 12" X 16"
(Brush Washer shown in the picture is not included)

Price: $ 399.00


Note:  If you already own a sturdy tripod, you may purchase the Versa box without the tripod.

Versa Box with brush holder and hooks (no tripod)

Price: $250.00

The weight of the Versa is 4lbs 12 ozs.

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Grid Separator for Pastels

What you will get:

1 - set of detachable grid separator.
2 - pieces of foam plastic support and cover 12"x16"

Price:   $21.51

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Watercolor setup display

The inner area of the palette space is: 12-1/8" x 15-7/8".
Watercolor palette size should be equal to or smaller than the available area in order to put inside. .

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VERSA holding a panoramic canvas

No width limit of panel/canvas, a panoramic painting shown here, since panel/canvas is held from top to bottom
bulletSupports panel as small as 4"x6" to 20" in height.
Most flexible easel holding a variety of sizes: 4X6, 5X7, 6X8, 8x10,9x12,10x12,11x14,12x16,14x18,16x20 or any of your customized sizes without necessity of purchasing additional adapter(s).

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VERSA holding an extra large (30"x40") canvas

Turning VERSA into an outdoor studio: Versa holding a 30"X40" canvas by using three bungee cords. (courtesy picture by professional artist.) 
bulletNo other pochade can provide this large canvas painting in plein air should the artist be ambitious to paint a huge painting outdoor.

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Narrow Support

VERSA comes with a standard 5/16" deep panel support by default

The distance of the panel bottom above the palette box
is adjustable by sliding the panel support along vertical slots.
bulletPanel bottom will no longer be too close to the palette while the
artist's arm won't have the risk to touch the palette when painting or make your shirt dirty.
bulletThe panel will be raised at the height of artist's eye level. This
unique feature is essential as artist will be able to adjust the height of panel/canvas to view the entire painted area properly (not by looking down at the painting).  This is the only pochade easel which provides such feature in the entire market.

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Supporting panel
bulletThe panel support has an inclined surface to ensure the panel/canvas is always pushed against the easelback, thereby the panel is held more securely. 
bulletIt can hold canvas up to 3/4" in thickness.

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Brush Stroke
bulletThis standard panel support is designed with 5/16" deep only so that  during painting, it will not obstruct the flow of brush stroke.
bulletVERSA comes with this standard panel support which is lightweight.

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The 3/4" deep support is for larger size stretched canvas and is $17.

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Wide Support with Canvas

The 3/4" support plate shown supports a stretched canvas of 7/8".

Again there is no brush stroke obstruction

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Storage for paint tubes, brushes and other supplies.

VERSA has enough storage space for carrying most necessary supplies.
bulletIt is advisable to carry as less as possible in outdoor painting session. Extra supplies may be stored in the backpack or any other carrying facility.
bulletThe reserved space separated by a separator bar is reserved
for unused paint. The separator bar will be removed to turn the whole palette area into a color mixing palette.

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