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Providing Rosemary Brushes, Hughes Easels, Studio Taborets,  EasyL Pochade Boxes and the best linen and canvas boards available. We cater to the artist who wants the best.




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bulletAll-in-One design. Easel, palette, supplies and panel storage spaces in one single unit.
bulletEasy to set up under one minute.
bulletIdeal for oil, watercolor, and pastel painting
bulletCompact and lightweight. Only 3 lbs 8 ozs. (Tripod is 3 lbs 13 oz)
bulletEasel and Palette are made from Beech wood. Protected with clear varnish to sustain the beauty of natural wood grain.
bulletInnovative control knobs to adjust easel back to any angle instantly. No brush stroke obstruction.
bulletAll metal parts are solid brass. All screws and fasteners are stainless steel. Rust free guaranteed !
bulletUniquely designed brass base plate for tripod mounting.
bulletDesktop and laptop compatible.

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bulletPalette Size : 10"x12". Depth 1-1/4"
bulletCompatible with panel size from 4"x6" up to 16" in height
bulletBuilt-in wet panel carrier for two 1/8" thick panels sizes: 8"x10" or 9"x12" or 8"x11" or 10"x12"

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Price : $ 349 + S & H